25 May 2014


Sometimes life will knock us flat on our back and it may seem all the problems in the world gang up on us to hold us down. We may feel trapped. But know we can't give up. Listen to our deepest heart. We've got to find a way out of the situation. Whatever they are. Get an attitude. Make the decision that will overpower whatever are going through. Don't stop to complain for a good reason. Focus all times and energy on getting ahead. Give ourselves one reason everyday why we are better or bigger than the place in which we find ourselves. We don't have the luxury to get depressed or feel sorry for ourselves. Look all around our relentlessly then search for ways to free ourselves. Keep moving, sure. Keep fighting, must be. Keep falling forward, should be. Each of us are stronger than we give ourself credit for being something or someone. Affirm to ourselves over and over again. I always being the very best supporter to myself just saying: "I will persist until i succeed. It's not over until I win. Because I deserve better". The simplest words which having a powerful meaning. Meant it.

After all those things, don't back down. Many times life throw us some punches. Sometimes our circumstances will do the same. Don't quit on the dream, the self, either the family. Refuse to be moved and stand our ground. "Stay focused"..... that will be the magic word which is turn all chaos to the track. Keep on working our plan. Ignore those who don't believe in us and our ability to have our dream. No matter what we're facing, believe that "We've got more in us". More energy. More power. More spirit. More courage. More determination.... all of them to turn our life around. Continue to put on foot in front of the other, and keep moving forward despite the obstacles that are facing us. Work through it.

People in this entire universe have a dream. We can have our dreams, whatever it that. Running on to hold the vision of what is possible for our life. It has been wonderful being someone whose living in the dream come true level. Keep on going to make our dreams come true. Living in it and flying as high as we can. Don't stay in the middle of 'a story' for a life. But trying to live on another level, off course, to the next extraordinary version of our 'lives'. Let's we continue to fight for our dreams, and know that it's possible. Believe in, one day it will going to happen.

Picture taken from: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-136485266/stock-photo.html

12 May 2014


Every single days we have an opportunity, off course, to write new pages story of our life. We, yes you and i can't choose the circumstances as we wish, but we always have a choice our responses, then our mindset, then our action, then developing of our complete package -as i said, always- and the people we surround ourselves with. Challenging is around us every single minutes. Conquer it, courage it, ourselves needed, then arm ourselves with courage to face the challenges today or tomorrow or a day after tomorrow and so on and so forth. Yes everyday. We will not defeat everything we facing, but nothing is defeated until it is faced. If we let the feelings of fear, uncertainty, discomfort & disbelieving we can't easily making tough decisions. Let us stop wasting time listening to the negative conversations, including our own. It's a ticket to limit our distractions. Take total ownership for everything in our life. Many times, we waste our energy to give space in our mind by blaming others, sometimes expecting them too much to rescue us. We are in or not, this is the fact, that we actually holding the key to unlocking our new future. It doesn't matter how many times we has been knocked down by the situation or people around. What matters is we continue to get back up & walk again. Friend, this isn't time to be a looser. It's time to get it on & move our forward by taking our power back. Power isn't talking about strengthen, as for me, it's about action. Place all bets on 'we' and doing as much as we can. Off course because we deserve more and better life.    

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Satu tahun ini bekerja di dunia kuliner, saya benar-benar belajar banyak hal baru. Mulai dari hal yang kelihatannya sepele berefek besar sampai hal besar berimbas sangat kecil. Setiap hari selalu menemukan hal baru, masalah baru, pembelajaran baru & teman baru. Customer datang silih berganti dengan karakternya masing-masing. Ada yang sangat ramah, namun tidak sedikit yang jutek luar biasa. Normal dong, kan tamu adalah raja. Tetap service yang baik menjadi bagian dari kenyamanan konsumen. Di Tanjungpinang, kota tempat saya melabuhkan jangkar *tsahhhh* saat ini menjadi saksi dari statement "bahan baku susah mannnn disini". Puter otak jungkir balik buat menemukan sesuatu yang bisa dengan mudah saya dapatkan saat saya tinggal di Jakarta dulu. Namun uniknya justru ini menjadi sesuatu yang menantang saya & sebagian besar orang untuk menemukan jarum dalam tumpukan jerami. Well, ada hal-hal yang justru membuat hari saya jadi lebih indah ketika saya bisa menemukan sesuatu yang sudah lama dicari, alahhhhh bahasanya galau pisan hehehehe. Tapi kemudian saya berpikir, bahan baku disini memang terbatas tapi otak kita kan gak terbatas man. Lalu saya mulai menemukan satu pembelajaran berharga bahwa mudah kok selama mau berusaha & repot-repot sedikit. Inovasi itu gak 'bummmm' jatuh dari langit begitu aja. Inovasi itu ada disana, tuhhhhh dikepala kita. Kuncinya cuma satu jangan pernah menghentikan daya kreatifitas otak kita. Kreatif itu cara kerjanya sama aja kayak air PAM. Selama terus dibuka selama itulah dia akan terus mengalir. Tapi sekali aja ditutup well then selamanya bakal mampet. Sederhana ya. Namun seringkali hal yang sesederhana itupun sepertinya sangat sulit dilakukan. Masing-masing manusia tidak sama, saya yakin itu. Namun cara kerjanya kreatifitas sama aja sih, saat kita membiarkannya mengalir maka ia akan memberikan suatu pesan yang akan mampu kita terjemahkan dalam bentuk karya. Mau nantinya dapat diterima orang lain atau tidak itu urusan kesekian. Yang jelas kreatifitas akan selalu berteman baik dengan hasil yang tidak biasa. Moral of the storynya apa? Terserah bagaimana kamu menilainya aja. Selamat malam :)

08 May 2014


When we were being together as a friend. We always say something others can't catch the word, every single word, people. The think, the way, the act.... we are as we are. A long time ago, but the story is always the same. Yes, the reason is just we are as we are.

Guys, Thank you for being a very good friends ever. In this world, everything will going to the end but friendship will always everlasting. Having a friend as you are -all- as a precious. 

07 May 2014


Find our voice, it is the calling point that never be lost. We always have something amazing to say that will open doors, inspire change, even heal lives, many times create momentum and then attract abundance. Infuse our voice with the positive energy, love and hope. Refuse to be silent of really matters to us. When we always speak life, the possibility will create, the life will changes and the world will be new. We're all having a unique tune & either own story. Hey people.... our voice, words and life always matters. Each words of ours are powerful. Even more powerful than the words spoken to others are the words that we speak into the mind. Be positive, purposeful and profitable from now on forward. When we speak, make a conscious & deliberate effort to have a minimum percentage of our daily conversation. Strengthen our mindset, create possibilities and attract more abundance and wealth in our life. Can you imagine people, that become unstoppable by using positive and powerful words to create the next breakthrough. Like i'm saying always "Our words will become our future, our thought will become our destiny".... Enjoy the days with a new beautiful mindset & wonderful perspective everyone.