06 July 2014


Refuse to complain. Complaining is just a way of not taking responsibility, justifying doing nothing, and programming our self to fail. Complaining creates the illusion that we have done something. Instead, pour our energy into improving the situation. When we find ways to be productive and maintain a sense of optimism, we demonstrate that are in control of our own life. Complainers focus on what has happened, and give up their power. Winners focus on making things happen, and using their power to find solutions to their challenges. We were born to create something magnificent with our life. Solution, based thinking gives us that power. Get centered and calm our self down. An anxious mind can't take our where our need to go. Recognize that true power resides within us, never outside of us. Keep eyes on the prize and don't allow our self to be thrown off course. There is power in the pursuit of our dream.

Continue to go after our dream. Regardless of the obstacles, rejection, or things that will be thrown into our path. Go around, go through, or leap over them and remind our self what this dream really means to us. Going after our dream will give power that we don't even know we have. Embrace the challenges because they build character, resiliency and faith. We can see what others can't see for our life and dreams. Make it okay to stand alone or apart from the crowd. We are the architect of our life, isn't it. Give our self permission to express the real us, or another part of our self. It doesn't matter if others don't get it. Be calm & stay focused on what we want, even if it doesn't seem possible right now. There is nothing impossible in this world. Everything possible. Just tuned our mind frequency, that’s will try and convince us to be logical, realistic and practical. Given our age, finances, or life situation. Let our heart be our guide and have the last word. We can't get out of life alive, so be bold. Go after what we want. Commit to live an adventurous, significant, purposeful life.

What do you want to do with your life? People says this for the entire life. People who are hungry, are willing to do the things today that others won't do in, order to have the things tomorrow that others won't have. People who are hungry are Relentless. People who are hungry are unstoppable. For people who are hungry - NO excuse is acceptable. Visualize the goals for the first step. Say to our self "It's not over till I win, I expect to win." The people who want to step into their greatness & faith are hungry. Decide to make our life a living adventure. Is your life what you want it to be? Let's look at the greatest adventure we could possibly imagine. Stop for a moment and think about what it means to be alive. By virtue of being alive, we can sense, we can reason, we can move from place to place, we can make decisions, we can create, we can inspire, we can know joy, laughter and beauty. When we think about it, every moment of every day is an incredible adventure, overflowing with possibilities. Yet too often, we just take life for granted, letting it pass by in boredom and frustration. What a waste.

There are priceless, magnificent adventures awaiting us right now. Its our life. Take a look around. There are countless places to be explored, people to meet, things to be learned and challenges that will give us strength and fulfillment. There is so much to be lived and experienced. We could spend a thousand lifetimes doing it all. So, resolve right now to fill our one lifetime with as much living as possible. Take delight in the adventure. Stop complaining & do it now.