28 January 2014


Focus on where we are going not where we are. Speak life to our circumstances, situations and challenges. Hold the vision of brilliant future and what we're creating. Challenging circumstances will try to shape and mold us. Stand firm - we will come through this even stronger and more powerful than before. Dedicate our energy to doing positive things that our spirit, soul and mind has. Remember that we hold the key to shape our life and future. There is power in us to blaze a new trail and to pursue our special thing. 

Listen to our own voice, the one in our heart that is the keeper of our dreams. Never let someone convince that we can't do something, especially if they haven't done it. Take the time to find our own path and trust our inner voice. Know what's true for us.

Respect ourselves by limiting access to people who are negative and unhappy. Many times they project the anxiety and dissatisfaction with their own lives into our life. One negative comment can be more damaging to us than one positive comment. Own the responsibility for our life and journey. Give our self the gifts of experiences and relationships that strengthen our deepest convictions about dream and honor the calling on, sure, our life.


Put things into perspective. People who obsess about what others think tend to put 'issues' under the microscope and can't see the forest for the trees. People who don't obsess about what other people think tend to look at the big picture. You, yes you only get one chance at life, are you going to allow other people's thoughts to make it less enjoyable.

Be confident in yourself. What if we could eliminate the amount of times we second-guess ourselves? Well, you can. The trick, if you want to call it that, It is to simply be more confident in the decisions and actions you are taking.