29 October 2013


Go take a road trip with your friends. Go book a plane ticket to a land far away. Go spend money that you don’t have. Go get stranded. Go hitchhike. Go around the world. Go learn the histories of other peoples and cultures. Go learn about their triumphs and their fatalities. Go with just a backpack. Go eat foods you have never tried. Go question yourself and question the world. Go learn about what is important. Go wake up early and hike a volcano. Go stay out late drinking beer and wine around a fire with the locals in somewhere village. Go take pictures. Go put the camera down and just take it in. Go sit in cafes and ponder a city. Go get a tattoo *hehehe*. Go meet people that will change your life. Go immerse yourself in nature. Go learn a language that you never know before. Go challenge yourself and do something you never would think of. Go listen to stories. Go to museums. Go read everything. Go take a gamble on hostels and random floors. Go keep a journal and write everything. Go without a guidebook. Go make your own plan. Go educate yourself. Go take it all in. Go and fall in love. Fall in love with cities, with states, with countries and with people. The world is yours. All you have to do just GO. And remember, home will always be waiting. May you find nothing but happiness and adventure. Think of time when wearing jeans, short pants, t-shirt, sandals and passport is part of my life, miss backpacking.


I believe the best romantic relationships are the ones built on the foundation of friendship & your romantic feelings for the other person sneak up on you, taking you by surprise.When I met my first love, over a years ago, I wasn't looking for a relationship & dating was the last thing on my mind. We started off as friends & the more time we spent time together, the more I started to develop feelings for him. After confessing how I felt & hearing the same feelings were reciprocated, we became exclusive & dated. This was my first serious adult relationship & I never felt so deeply connected to anyone in my life. Even though, we shared similar values & wanted similar things out of life, the timing wasn't right, we both needed to focus on ourselves & plan our futures without worrying about how it would affect someone else. This was someone I discussed at great length, the future we wanted to build & how we planned to spend our time together.

Words cannot express how much you mean to me. Because you saved my life. You love me, even when no one else does. I love the way that you smell like your house, because your basement is like home. I love our conversations, and your laugh. It makes me smile silly. I love the way you never gave up on me. I love your confidence and your hair-smile. I love that red shirt and how you look like mmmm like prince William *tsah*. I love the way you kiss my forehead and the way you squint your eyes when you think. I love how you challenge me to think harder. I love the way you play piano or guitar someday drum, and sing out so beautiful. I love our park, our puzzle and our little jokes. And I love you. Because you are so brilliant and wonderful. You make this world a complex, beautiful place to live. You are not a quitter. You make me happy. Please know that you mean the world to so many people, and that I appreciate all the little things that you do. Continue to be radiant and dream. I believe in you. Give me another years ahead then we'll being together forever for saying I DO in the right time *promise*.

28 October 2013


Flaunt our failures like a champ. Fail as many times as we can. Everyone fails. It’s part of life. Too many people take failure as a sign it's time for them to give up. Those people don’t get very far. What sets successful people apart is the ability to get up and give it another go with a better plan for how to be successful the next time around. If we want to embrace the habits of successful people, we’ve got to make the change within our self first. Don't be afraid being failure, there's always be a 'good sight' after that.

Photo taken from: http://www.pbase.com/merriwolf/best_shots&page=all

27 October 2013


Il y a très longtemps, dans une ville, vivait un pauvre garçon qui était orphelin. Il habitait avec son oncle et sa tante. Son oncle était très gentil, mais sa tante était une méchante sorcière, et le maltraitait. Un jour, l’oncle et la tante eurent un garçon, qu'ils appelèrent Omar. Les deux enfants grandirent ensemble. Omar détestait son cousin, qui l’empêchait toujours de jouer avec lui. La fête de Achoura arriva. Omar eut plein de cadeaux, mais son cousin n’eut rien, et cela le chagrina beaucoup. Quand les invités arrivèrent, l’oncle demanda à son neveu de rester à la salle de bain sans faire de bruit. Le pauvre resta dans les toilettes, affamé toute la journée. Il demanda à son oncle un peu d’argent pour acheter quelque chose, mais celui-ci refusa. Quand le petit voulut sortir de la maison pour faire un tour, il trouva une pièce de deux dirhams. Alors, il alla à la boulangerie pour acheter du pain. Lorsqu’il rentra, son oncle l’aperçut et il lui dit qu’il lui avait volé son argent, et l’a chassa de la maison. Notre héros devint un clochard et comme, il était petit, il ne pouvait pas se défendre quand les grands le maltraitaient. Ils lui volaient son argent et sa nourriture. Un jour, un grand clochard, se battit contre lui car il ne voulait pas lui donner son argent. Le pauvre garçon avait des blessures sur tout le corps. Quelques jours plus tard, un homme l’aperçut dans cet état, l’emmena chez lui, et sa femme le soigna. Finalement, le garçon vécut avec eux une heureuse vie.

There is a very long time, in a town, lived a poor boy who was orphaned. He lived with his uncle and aunt. His uncle was very nice, but his aunt was a wicked witch, and abused it. One day, the uncle and aunt had a boy, which they called Omar. The two children grew up together. Omar hated his cousin who always prevented him from playing with him. The feast of Ashura arrived. Omar was full of gifts, but his cousin was nothing, and this lot being. When the guests arrived, the uncle asked his nephew to stay the bathroom without making noise. The poor remained in the toilet, hungry all day. He asked his uncle a little money to buy something, but he refused. When the small wanted out of the House for a ride, he found a piece of two dirhams. Then, he went to the bakery to buy bread. When he returned, his uncle saw him and he told him that he had stolen his money, and it was drove out of the House. Our hero became a tramp and since he was small, he could not defend himself when the large abusive. They flew him his money and his food. A day, a big bum, fought against him because he did not want to give him his money. The poor boy had injuries all over the body. A few days later, a man saw it in that State, took her home, and his wife cared. Finally, the boy lived with them a happy life.

There is a time when sorrow won't living forever. Happiness always be an opposite stand alone, waiting a right time to getting closer & closer to us. Then don't give up whatever your situation is. It's just temporary. It has a limited of time. Happy sunday everyone. Enjoy this beautiful sunday.

26 October 2013


Who are the most universally admired people in our culture? Aren't they those who have a solid grasp of their own values, people who not only profess their standards, but live by them? We all respect men and women who take a stand for what they believe, even if we don't agree with their ideas about what's right or wrong, what make sense or nonsense, what could applying on the spot or take times. There is undeniable strength in individuals who congruently lead lives in which their philosophies and actions are one. Just appreciate people who put their heart and effort to the max capacity. Successful isn't given freely. We are not owed anything. Put in the blood, sweet and tears then we will have a change to taste success. Enlarge our capacity into the max. Keep our eyes beyond the finish line.                 

Ketika kita 'dipaksa' memahami & menerima semua teori bukannya action. Ketika kita diperhadapkan pada kondisi yang bersilangan dengan semua rencana yang ingin diwujudkan. Ketika kita berhadapan dengan A-Z yang notabene adalah buku yang berbicara. Ketika setiap pengalaman dijadikan tolak ukur kesuksesan & keberhasilan. Well, buat saya sih sederhana saja miliki keyakinan, kerja keras, kemampuan melihat dari sisi yang berseberangan dengan apa yang dianggap normal. Justru mampu meruntuhkan tembok tertinggi sekalipun yang menghadang di antara perjalanan itu.

Sleep well everyone....

23 October 2013


Running a restaurant is not as fun as it sounds & looks. It is hard work and long hours with a huge amount of pressure and stress. There is no time for a social life, i beg your pardon, yes there is no time for a social life people. And many times spent fighting with staffs that don't arrive on shift or time, example. Equipment always pranggggg most of the time, breaks down. The other day there are always angry customers, there are so many many customers really wanna be a king and 'Mr/Mrs always right'. Other days then people sending food back because of these thing or those thing. Staff that don't pay attention and lots of wastages. And this is the circumstances that we have to facing every single day, yes sure every single day. It is very important to know what we are doing and as the owner or person in charge, WE MUST ALWAYS BE THERE, AROUND OUR RESTAURANT!

To running a restaurant, we have got to have passion for this industry and know that for it to work, we have got to put in the hours. This is a guide to making our restaurant successful, to ensure that we can eliminate stress and it will help us to understand this restaurant business so that we can eventually sit back and watch business grow. 

The other way, marketing is important to promote our business and we should know when our busy times are and when we need to promote our restaurant. We do not have to hire marketing people in order to this because all it takes is an attractive special to bring people are getting bored. These are things that we have to be aware of in order to market our business. Stay on top of things, keep focused on what is selling and what doesn't, who works well for us, get constant feedback from our customers and ensure that all of our staffs have our bottom line of heart.

You know guys, every single action we do even thought a simple step would be have an great impact neither for a good sake or a bad one. I've been learn these months, here we go, "Having a passion first before we doing this business will save you more, then it's will be driven us to the right way". Try it and your eyes will be open. Have a very good night everyone, sleep well :)....

14 October 2013


Everybody seems want to set up a restaurant these days. The dream? A cozy little place filled with adoring customers, a team of passionate staff and a full cash register. Sound familiar, isn't it? Then it's time for a reality check and show. Then i found, two thirds of restaurants don't survive past their first birthday.

There are long hours, grumpy customers, financial demands and all sorts of other issues. Still want to do it? Then i've got some tips, here we go:

Don't be arrogant. A lot of people open restaurants out of vanity, people who can't even boil an egg. That's like me buying a rugby club because i like the game. One of my biggest bugbears is that we don't need any qualifications to do it. People fall in love with an idea and don't want to learn their craft, which takes years, either time and commitment. Sure you're still up for it? Oke then we go to the next step hehehe.

Have we done our homework? The secret of a good local restaurant is knowing our customers and catering them. Do we research? Does the area need an expensive fine dining restaurant, or would it be more comfortable with a homely baked food place? Make sure we know the area, check out the competition and work out what their strengths and weaknesses are. What will make our stand out from the rest?

Choose the right chef. This is not an easy job, buddy. But a restaurant owner's best investment will always be in the chef, and if we haven't got that major asset in the kitchen downstairs, then forget it.  The guy's got to be a motivator, be a leader, make our money. The chef got to bring customers back. Make sure our chef is up to the job. Are they a cocky young upstart who doesn't know if they're cooking chicken or beef, or a well-seasoned chef with vision and drive?

Who's in charge? You've got to trust the brigade that you're paying, and secondly bring them on, evolve them. Make them talented. Keeping hold of them, motivating them. If we are the owner then the responsibility ultimately lies with us. We need to know what's happening in every area of our business from the kitchen to front of house. Don't be a control freak though, all staff's opinions are valid too.

Communication and teamwork. Key to any successful restaurant is regular communication between management and the head chef. But it doesn't stop there, all the staffs have to be communicating well with each other and working as a team. Let's not forget the customers either, make sure we are listening to them too. At the end of the day they're paying your wages.

The menu. The more dishes, the lower the standard. Long menus lead to confusion for everyone. They can have chefs running round like headless chickens. Customers waiting or walking out, and all sorts of undesirable items going off at the back of the fridge. Start with a simple menu concentrating on quality produce cooked well and you're on to a winner. Our chefs will be more efficient, the diners will be happy and there shouldn't be much wastage.

Quality control. Mistakes stay in kitchen, mostly man. Ensuring quality and consistency in the kitchen is essential for a successful restaurant. Even if service is busy, it's not an excuse for sloppy plates of food leaving the kitchen. If it's not good enough, don't serve, it could ruin our reputation.

Keep it clean and organised. The important rule of cooking is our kitchen must be clean, sure and by clean i mean spotless. There's nothing worse than an unhygienic restaurant, and our customers won't like it much either if they end up with food poisoning. Make sure all of our staffs have the right hygiene certificates and set up a decent cleaning rota. Get to know our local environmental health officer - they'd rather help you than close you down. These point i got from Dinas Kesehatan hehehehe.

Be flexible. In the business we have to very aware that we have to react instantly to changing trading conditions: cutting down on overheads, reducing costs, tapering menus, we have to react straightaway, not wait. In today's climate we're producing figures weekly, not monthly, we have to be on top of what's happening. If something isn't working, swallow our pride and change it. flexibility is fundamental to any successful business, so try not to be too pig-headed. It might be our baby, butttttt that doesn't mean the customers will love it as much as we do.

Don't give up. One thing i need to see is the fight. The determination and the grit. When things get tough, it's hard to keep sight of our original dream. But if we work as a team, serve food we believe in and don't delude our self about how things really are, we're in for a better chance. 

I believe always, if there is a will always be a way. These all i got from learning by doing. But most of all thank you so much for someone who always teaching me how to run this business well. From the deepest of my heart thank you so much Mr. B. I dedicated this entry to you.


Salut, Ça va. Je veux être l'air que tu respires, je veux être le ciel que tu contemples, je veux être les lèvres que tu embrasses, et par dessus tout, je veux être la raison qui fait battre ton cœur. Tu es le soleil qui illumine ma vie. Au matin, me lever sans toi c'est se lever dans un monde où il fait toujours nuit. Tu es mon bonheur. Quelle chance, j'ai découvert un vrai trésor. Quelle chance, j'ai découvert un vrai trésor... Bonne nuit

Well, ketika rindu melanda segala kemelankolisan berlomba-lomba menampakkan wujud. Jedingggggg, bahkan bahasa yang baru saya pelajaripun seakan-akan menjadi sah untuk digunakan tanpa tata bahasa yang pas. Ya sudahlah mari kita nikmati malam ini dengan kemelankolisan. Selamat malam. Selamat beristirahat :)

09 October 2013


Sepasang suami istri masuk ke outlet dengan penuh kemesraan. Tidak bergandengan tangan sih. Namun kemesraan itu terpancar begitu saja dari pasangan ini. Ada aura kebahagiaan yang jelas terlihat dari raut wajah dan rona pipi si wanita. Dan well, ternyata adalah istrinya. Apa coba namanya jika pipi sudah merona merah dan segar begitu. Bahagia bukan sebutannya. Pasti, kebahagiaan itu mudah sekali termanifestasi mulai dari bahasa tubuh sampai dengan gestur. Berjalan memasuki outlet dengan senyuman yang terus mengembang dibibir sang istri. Sementara sang suami merasa sangat bangga berjalan disamping wanita pujaannya. Kebanggan seperti ini menjadi pemandangan yang langka bukan? Ditengah gonjang-ganjing dan trend cerai. Pasangan ini seperti hendak menentang arus trend yang ada. Senang sekali melihat kebahagiaan kecil di depan mata. Saya benar-benar menikmati kejadian yang belum tentu bisa saya temui setiap hari ini.

Ada bungkusan yang dititipkan sang suami ke outlet kami. Setelah saya buka ternyata kue sangat cantik bergambar Eiffel Tower, cantik sekali dannnnn sempurna dimata saya. Kue yang didominasi oleh warna hijau dan pink dipadukan dengan ornamen yang lucu, membuat suasana bahagia terasa dua kali lipat. Pasangan ini merayakan ulang tahun yang ke 4 pernikahan mereka. Sungguh luar biasa, 4 tahun melewati hari-hari bersama. 4 tahun berbagi suka dan duka berdua. Dan 4 tahun ini ternyata masih diwarnai kebahagiaan.

Buat saya bahagia itu sederhana sekali, ketika kita bisa menyempurnakan dan melengkapi hidup satu sama lain. Sehingga hal-hal lainnya terlihat begitu sangat tidak penting selain kebahagiaan pasangan kita. Bahagia itu adalah ketika hal remeh-temeh seperti merayakan ulang tahun pernikahan justru mendapat perhatian lebih. Bahagia itu ketika ulang tahun pernikahan bisa dinikmati dari tahun ke tahun hanya berdua dengannya. Terima kasih hari ini saya belajar satu bentuk kebahagiaan lagi.