27 December 2013


Don't underestimate yourself. You're capable of more than can ever imagine. When life press in on you the hardest, that's when your breakthrough is near. Press on. Don't stop to think about the work you have to do. Just put yourself on auto-pilot. Hold yourself to a higher standard daily. Your family, friends and co-workers all look to you for their cues. Be mindful to lift the vibration in every room you enter. Treat yourself to a higher belief system. Trust and let go. Greatness is in your DNA. God don’t make junk. Each day you have a new chance to develop new ideas, reach for new goals and conquer new mountains. Chase down your dream like it’s the last bus of the night. Go get it! You have something special within you. Believe in yourself right now, even though it may be hard. You don’t have to be up, to look up. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by darkness, surrounded by negativity, or give in to despair. None of these things improve your life. Do not give yourself permission to feel sorry for yourself, or give up your power, or giving up so quickly to something good.

Start right now to take massive action on your own behalf to move your life forward. You can do this, trust it. Keep your mind focused on the outcome you desire. It takes discipline of mind, heart and spirit to create your breakthrough. What you think about, you bring about. your circumstances and all of the challenges you're facing know this. Now it's time for you to believe it. Make it happen. You can do it. Sometimes when you have outgrown the situation in your life, and you're not aware or don't have the courage to move on, life will move on you. You may have been told that your company is going in another direction. You knew it was coming and you didn't prepare yourself. Now you're angry & feel you were wronged. You have to move on. Sometimes you feel your relationship of many years may have ended & you were devastated, confused and shocked. You’re in pain; feel disillusioned; full of despair. However, it’s time to move on. Your mind might be reeling. Your heart probably feels like it’s been ripped out and handed to you on a platter. As hard as it will be, you must shake it off and move on. Heyyy people ‘moving on’ doesn't mean that you give up. Moving on means that no job, relationship, house, or any other thing is worth your sanity. Don’t focus on the things that you've lost. You can always get these back and much more. Focus your mind. Get still. Go within. Tap into your greatness and move on. You deserve having better life, better relationship, better feeling and so on and so forth.

You can start over again. Don't even think of quitting now. It's easy to replay in your mind how things didn't work, how much you lost, what you're going through, and how angry you are. There's no amount of conversation or magic that's going to wipe the slate clean. You're wasting valuable time and energy that could be used to regain a new normal and start another version of your life. Even though you're hurt and you may be feeling down, just stop kicking yourself, people. Face what has happened and make the decision to start over again. This life and everybody should be happy on their decision and ways, either you. In life, friendships change, ‘divorces’ of something happen. People move on and others die. Money and jobs will come and go. Live long enough and your health and body will change. It goes with the territory of being human. The fact that you’re still here gives you an advantage. Don’t look back. Look straight ahead. Your right way is in front of you not behind you. Decide to use all of your knowledge, skills, experiences, as well as your life lessons from your mistakes, defeats and setbacks, to start over again. Life changes. You may not have the same life as before, but you can still enjoy your new life, your NOW life.

Focus your energy on the things that really matter. There will always be distractions that will keep you from achieving your goals. Don't give in to them. How have you increased your skills, knowledge and abilities determining your success. Do you really expect to be successful given how you are using the majority of your time, resources and skills? Are you spending time with people who can enhance and enrich your life? What are you doing to take your life to the next level? Will your current efforts make the next few days even more successful than what you just experienced? Be honest with your assessment. Don't play games with yourself. Remember, if you don't have an agenda for your life, you are a part of someone else's agenda. Go all out. Decide to live a bigger life. Get outside your box and push yourself beyond your comfort zone to explore the unknown aspects of you. Choose to conquer your fears, make your life more fulfilling and achieve your dreams. You may need to let go of negative people and habits that no longer fit into who you are or rethink key relationships. Surround yourself with people that you can learn from and grow with. Live with a spirit of possibility. Make your move NOW to create your greatest life. Give yourself a break. It is easy to stress out over a lack of productivity, or fail to turn off your ‘work’ brain. This weekend, take time to re-energize, but don’t forget to keep your mind open. When you are open to it, you can find inspiration in the most surprising places. Wherever you are, enjoy, and take advantage of the days granted to you. Know that you are a part of this world because you have something to offer. If you know what that is, be thankful and generous. If not, it’s time to discover your talents and share your gifts. You have something special to show up to the world. 

Happy New Year everyone. May God bless us.

01 December 2013


181292690 Overcoming fear is essential to your success. The future belongs to the risk-takers, not the security seekers. Life is perverse in the sense that, the more you seek security, the less of it you have. But the more you seek opportunity, the more likely it is that you will achieve the security that you desire. What have you always wanted to do, but have been afraid to attempt? Don’t be afraid to fail but be afraid not to try. Success & effort working in the same level. The more you put hardest in your effort the more you close to the success. Remember success is only for those who is ‘living in’ not ‘living out’. Don't stop now cause your breakthrough is just right around the corner. The last mile is often the longest one then keep moving forward, look for ways to pull ahead and win. Someone is about to step in and give you a break. Continue to believe in miracles and work to bring about a victory. Strengthen your faith to believe that anything is possible in every aspects in your life: relationships, career, health or finances. Your words create your world, so affirm yourself daily. Monitor your thoughts. What you think about will bring you about. Keep your mind focused on your goal. Never give up. Because, you have something special. Most people have gone as far as they want to go and they are satisfied with living a small life. But that's not you. Make up your mind to break loose and live the life you were meant to live, fueled by your passion, skills and determination. Continue to hold the vision of what you want for your life and live from your dream. Start to break the shackles of fear, procrastination and despair. Tap into your faith, relentless action and inspiration to create your greatest life. Your life matters in the greater scheme of things. You were put here to make a difference and create something original. Design a legacy worthy of your greatest self. Stay on the path and you will see something special happen.

Live your life from a place of power. Remind yourself daily, regardless of what you're facing moment to moment, that you are stronger than anything you are going through, facing, or have to handle. Refuse to operate at the level of the problems or challenges that you're facing!! Project yourself in the future, and see yourself victorious as a person who has resolved, completed and achieved your goals. Just keep your head up and your spirit strong, and continue to develop an achievement driven mindset. Tell yourself that you're going to operate at the top of your game. Apply your best thinking to the issues before you, and bulldoze your way to the top. It’s time. It’s time for you to make a tough decision. Just take one step first, began to take a deep breath. Get still. Visualize the worst case scenario. After doing that, see your self having made the decision, stepping into your personal power, becoming more courageous and stronger. It’s time buddy, Your mental well being health and happiness, off course, are dependent upon you making this decision. If you don’t do it now, you will look at yourself one day and say “Why did I waste so much valuable time?” If you don’t do it now, you will regret it, and this situation will continue to take a toll on you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically!

It’s been said that people delay making tough decisions, not because they don’t know what to do. But they really know what to do, but lack the courage and will to deal with the emotional consequences. You can do this, see it done. You are now operating from a higher place of integrity and personal power and going to the next level in your life. You deserve for the best. Be your own advocate. If you have a dream, you must be its primary cheerleader. While the support of others is helpful, appreciated and sought after, you must first believe in your goal and then encourage others to follow. If you're feeling apprehensive or unsure of your strengths and capabilities, then others will feed off of your negative self-thought. Do what you can to reassure yourself that you are talented, worthy, and have something of value to create and share. Once you believe this, you'll do more than convince others of your dream, you'll be able to help family, friends, and peers recognize the same heart and strength in themselves. Encourage yourself and feed others with your positive spirit and energy. Because everyone has Greatness within them, but first they must refuse to live a defeated life. You were born to do great things. Success can be yours. Regardless of your present situation or circumstances. Tap into the discipline, the perseverance and the mindset of determination to create a new future for yourself. Affirm to yourself that no excuse is acceptable to keep you from achieving your goal. And last but not least, surround yourself with top achievers and with people who are focused and hungry to accomplish more... to experience more and to do more with their lives. Say to yourself, everyday as you greet each new day. I have Greatness within me and you guys either. Have a very nice weekend everyone. You and i deserve to the best.

28 November 2013


Don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter ten. You do not compare yourself with abstract standards, but, rather, you compare yourself with people you know. To feel like a winner, you must know for sure that you are doing as well as or better than someone else. The more you know about how well the others in your field are doing, and the more favorably you compare with them, the more you will feel like a winner, and the higher your self-esteem will be.

Successful people continually compare themselves with other successful people. They think about them and read about them and study their performances, and then they work to surpass them one step at a time. Eventually, successful people reach the point where they compete only with themselves and with their past accomplishments. But this comes after they have moved to the top and left many of their competitors behind.

12 November 2013


Don't give up. Only looser will giving up so quickly. Just try and try and try and try. Trying, it doesn't mean you just do and act one time then quit. But try, as for me, is do it again and again and again and again. If you fail for the 1st try, do it again until the last doing and you will see how close success to your way.

Don't give up. Remember, only looser will giving up so quickly. The most important thing is do what you have to do. finish the way you start and keep on going. Success will be the part for those who never giving up. Heaven always knows whose trying so hard and will make it real. Have a very good night everyone.


Just leave it alone. Don't try and solve the problems that others have made for themselves. They taking care of their own. Don't even give them a change to talk their own way out of what they've acted themselves into. Allow them to learn the lesson of the consequences of their choices. All things happens have consequences. Don't throw hard earned money away trying to bail someone out of a situation that they created. Muster up the courage to say "no". Because it's better, rather than to say yes and feeling quality all the times. 

The best thing you can do for them is to let them take responsibility for their own actions. Make up your mind not to be a rescuer or an enabler. Let them figure it out and handle it. The sooner you do this, the sooner they will learn their lessons. They have their own journey. Keep your money in your pocket and keep the drama and stress out of your life. Resist the guilt trip. Don't give it any more energy and protect your peace of mind. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be smile all the time without worrying anything. You deserve to be enjoy your life. Because, you have something special. Something special like you deserve to be a better life.

11 November 2013


Stay connected with someone or people who inspire, nourish and bring out the best in you. It takes time to pull yourself together and to heal if you've been hurt, humiliated or become emotionally broken because of what you've gone through. You can become disconnected with the real you and forget who you really are. It’s necessary to read, listen and focus on positive things. Things that strengthen your mind, develop your confidence and fortify your spirit. Create a strategy that will allow yourself to rid your life of people whose only intention is to strip, destroy or take you down.

Be aware that there are certain situations that are just not good for you. Make a conscious, deliberate effort to focus your mind exclusively on things that will build you up, give up hope and expand the possibilities in all dimensions of your life. You have the capacity and the ability to rebuild your life. What you have gone through can be used to develop another part of yourself. Stay connected with positive people with the knowledge that you will get through this. You have something special. Because greatness is within you.

05 November 2013


Ternyata hidup itu tidak selamanya harus berjalan sesuai dengan apa yang kita harapkan. Ada saat dimana kita terpaksa menerima dengan lapang dada usaha yang kita lakukan dengan mengerahkan tenaga kuda polll sekalipun seakan-akan cuma jalan ditempat. Ketika kita mengira mobil yang kita kendarai dengan kecepatan tinggi telah berjalan begitu jauh ternyata ketika menolehkan kepala ke belakang sejenak, yang kita dapati adalah roda yang hanya maju beberapa centimeter dari garis start. Saat-saat seperti itu seringkali dilema mulai bermunculan, keyakinan super duper tinggi mulai meleleh perlahan-lahan, kepercayaan akan semua impian yang bisa dicapai seakan-akan hilang perlahan-lahan. Ketika semua mata tertuju pada hasil yang tidak menembus target. Ketika semua pikiran tertuju pada usaha yang sia-sia. Lalu semua telunjuk menuding ketidakmampuan itu. Sedih rasanya jika kamu sudah terbiasa dengan keberhasilan. Ketika kamu sudah terbiasa menjadi nomor satu. Ketika semua yang kamu ‘sentuh’ sebelumnya akan menghasilkan sesuatu yang tidak hanya sekedar wow tapi boom. Sedih rasanya jika semua orang yang berada disekelilingmu akhirnya mencoba mengajari kamu melakukan A-Z yang notabene adalah hal yang bersifat teori. Mungkin, mungkin itu benar adanya tapi jika dilakukan hari ini belum tentu juga akan menampakkan hasil saat itu juga. Sedih rasanya ketika orang-orang yang ada disekelilingmu hanya berdiri dan memuntahkan semua ketidakpercayaan mereka.

Tidak mudah, saya tahu itu. Tidak mudah ada di situasi dimana bahkan pikiran kita sendiripun mulai mengkhianati kepercayaan yang dengan susah payah dibangun selama ini. Namun apapun itu bentuknya saya yakin, seyakin-yakinnya bahwa kadang perlu rasanya mengalami hal yang berseberangan dengan kepercayaan kita. Ada saatnya harus merasa kalah untuk kemudian dapat bangit kembali. Ada kalanya tersandung itu harus sampai mencium tanah. Ada saatnya ketika jatuh merasa berdarah dulu. Ada saatnya jatuh merupakan cara terbaik untuk mengantarkan kesuksesan.

Yang paling penting dari semua ini adalah mengembalikan keyakinan dan kepercayaan itu pada titik semestinya. Sehingga ketika semua orang mulai meragukan kemampuan itu kita tetap mampu berkata bahwa ini adalah bagian dari drama kesuksesan. Tidak mudah memang tapi saya memilih untuk melawan semua keraguan itu dan membuat kesuksesan itu jadi babak penutup cerita ini. Saya yakin surga akan selalu berpihak pada usaha, kerja keras & ketekunan.

03 November 2013


Sedang memacu motor dengan tenangnya mata saya tertuju pada indicator bahan bakar dan danggggg bensin nyaris habis. Benar-benar sudah diujung jarum. Mengarahkan stang motor ke SPBU, mengantri sebentar dan tibalah giliran saya. Well, motor saya akhirnya minum juga. Sedang membereskan uang kembalian yang tentunya akan saya masukan ke dompet, mata saya tertumbuk pada sesuatu yang tidak biasa. Sesuatu??? Bukan, bukan, tapi seseorang. Ya seseorang yang secara penampilan lebih terlihat seperti seonggok tubuh disana. Saya mematikan mesin motor, mengurungkan niat untuk beranjak. Saya memperhatikan bapak tua yang sangat renta, sedang duduk diujung sana dengan posisi duduk yang sangat tidak nyaman. Bersandar di undakan trotoar tanpa alas kaki dan......bajunya?, ya bajunya sangat sangat lusuh. Entah dicuci atau tidak. Baju itu begitu lusuh dan usangnya. Seakan-akan sebentar lagi siap hancur. Saya mendekati si bapak tua dengan perlahan. Well ini adalah sesuatu buat saya. Sesuatu yang mampu membuat saya melupakan sejenak aktivitas rutin hari ini.

Duduk berjongkok didepan si bapak membuat saya sangat terkejut dengan pemandangan yang tidak biasa. Didepan saya saat ini duduk dengan posisi miring seseorang yang sangat tua, renta malah, mata tertutup katarak dan badan penuh dengan bekas luka. Hati saya benar-benar sedih melihat ini. Saya menghampiri si bapak tua, bertanya apa kabarnya hari ini. Apakah dia sudah makan. Untuk siapa dia rela duduk ditempat seperti ini menjadi pengemis. Pertanyaan saya tidak dijawab. Saya mengulanginya sekali lagi. Bapak tua diam saja. Diam membisu. Beberapa detik kemudian saya baru menyadari selain buta bapak tua ini juga tuli. Tertegun sekian detik akhirnya refleks saja saya memegang tangan si bapak. Kemudian ada rasa yang mengalir deras dihati kecil saya. 

Dimana orang-orang yang dia cintai? Demi siapa dia melakukan semua ini? Demi siapa dia yang tidak bisa berjalan lagi rela duduk seharian ditempat ini menjadi pengemis? Untuk sesaat saja dunia rasanya tidak adil bukan? Buat beberapa orang inilah bentuk keadilan. Namun buat saya inilah bentuk ketidakpedulian. Air mata saya hampir menetes. Sambil mengelus tangan si bapak tua saya mengingatkannya untuk menyimpan uangnya sebaik mungkin. Dan saya berlalu, masih membawa sejuta pertanyaan yang belum terjawab. 

Sepanjang perjalanan otak saya hanya terfokus pada pemandangan tidak biasa tadi, sult sekali mengalihkan ke hal lainnya. Untuk siapa dia melakukan semua itu? Menjadi pengemis di hari tuanya. Dengan mata penuh katarak, telinga tuli dan kaki yang sudah tidak bisa berjalan lagi. Tahukah teman, dengan menggunakan sisa tubuhnya yang masih mampu bergerak lah si bapak bisa sampai ke tempat itu. Menyeret tubuh dengan lutut berjalan di aspal yang panas dan penuh batu. Bisa dibayangkan? Seseorang menghampiri saya sesaat sebelum saya beranjak tadi dan menceritakan bagaimana dia bisa sampai ketempat itu setiap harinya.

Bukankah ini adil buat beberapa orang namun bagi saya ini bentuk ketidakpedulian. Saya tidak bisa berbuat banyak. Tapi tahukah teman bahwa tidak dibutuhkan tindakan besar untuk dapat melakukan perubahaan. Mulailah dengan tindakan kecil & sederhana. Tidak perlu menoleh kanan kiri untuk menghampiri, hanya dibutuhkan kemauan untuk bertindak. Tidak perlu menunggu apakah ada orang lain yang memulai lebih dulu, hanya dibutuhkan keinginan untuk berempati dengan kondisi orang lain.

Teman, hidup hanya satu kali. Tapi jika kita mampu mengisinya dengan tindakan kecil & sederhana saja, satu kali itu sudah cukup untuk membuatnya lebih indah. Seringkali kita menunggu kesempatan datang demi sebuah perubahan. Seringkali kita berpikir bahwa perubahan harus didahului dengan perbuatan yang besar. Buat saya sederhana saja, ketika kita memulai melakukan hal kecil, konsisten melakukannya. Hal kecil ini akan selalu membawa impact perubahan besar. Sesuatu yang besar selalunya dimulai dari hal-hal kecil dan sederhana. Sudahkah hari ini kita berhenti sejenak memperhatikan sekeliling dan menemukan bentuk lain dari perubahan?


Because WE can make a different instead of doing something by yourself alone. Ketika melakukan sesuatu dengan 'KITA' akan ada lebih dari satu kepala yang mampu menyumbangkan ide disana. Ada lebih dari sepasang kaki & tangan yang bergerak juga disitu. Bekerja sendiri mungkin mampu menghasilkan efek wow. Tapi bekerja dengan 'KITA' akan mampu menciptakan efek boom. Dan itulah yang sedang saya butuhkan saat ini. Yap, saya sedang membutuhkan efek boom bukan hanya sekedar wow. Peer-nya cukup berat. Namun saya sendiri punya keyakinan semua ini akan berhasil. Ditengah banyaknya cemoohan yang datang & pesimisme yang terang-terangan mengarahkan telunjuk didepan hidung ini. Saya lebih memilih untuk meneruskan apa yang telah saya mulai. Menyerah seringkali ingin saya lakukan. Jatuh? terlalu sering saya jatuh pada ketidakyakinan. Seringkali juga saya terpengaruh dengan ketidakpercayaan. Namun entah kekuatan darimana yang mampu membuat saya berdiri kembali ketika saya jatuh. Tetap mencoba cara lainnya ketika tahu yang satu ini gatot alias gagal total. Entah kekuatan darimana yang membuat saya justru ingin membuat semua ini berhasil. Entah keyakinan darimana yang membuat saya bertahan ditengah banyaknya pilihan yang ditawarkan yang jauh lebih baik & lebih sempurna. Entah kekuatan darimana yang membuat saya justru ingin membuat hasil itu sangat sebanding dengan prosesnya selama ini. Entah apa yang membuat saya melakukan semua ini. Entah apa yang membuat saya jatuh cinta dengan semua ini. Entah apa yang membuat saya rela melepaskan kesempatan yang jauh lebih baik. Entah apa yang membuat saya ingin memperjuangkan semua ini.

Diluar sana tawaran itu lebih baik dan lebih menjanjikan. Posisi? Jabatan? Fasilitas? diluar sana bahkan ada yang berani menunggu sampai saya bosan dengan mainan baru saya saat ini. Namun ada sesuatu yang membuat saya benar-benar tidak bisa bergerak dari sini. Seakan-akan saya telah jatuh cnta dengan semua ini. Jika ingin membuat saya berhenti, saat ini bukan waktu yang tepat. Karena saya sendiri sulit untuk mengendalikan kecepatan gas yang saya injak. Seakan-akan rem kaki & tangan yang ada disekitar saya jadi tidak berfungsi sama sekali. 

Saya tahu destiny, saya belajar banyak tentang jatuh cinta. Saya pun paham dengan jalan hidup. Namun semua definisi itu seakan-akan harus dirombak ulang dan disusun dengan bahasa yang terbalik karena semua pemahaman saya tentang semua ini mengkerdilkan pemahaman saya tentang destiny, jatuh cinta dan jalan hidup. Entahlah, yang saya tahu pasti saya seakan-akan menemukan semua pemahaman, pengalaman dan pembelajaran baru disini. Dan saya akan membuat semua mimpi dan ekspetasi ini jadi kenyataan. Karena saya percaya... WE can make a different instead of doing something by yourself alone. Semoga surga mendengarkan ini :)

29 October 2013


Go take a road trip with your friends. Go book a plane ticket to a land far away. Go spend money that you don’t have. Go get stranded. Go hitchhike. Go around the world. Go learn the histories of other peoples and cultures. Go learn about their triumphs and their fatalities. Go with just a backpack. Go eat foods you have never tried. Go question yourself and question the world. Go learn about what is important. Go wake up early and hike a volcano. Go stay out late drinking beer and wine around a fire with the locals in somewhere village. Go take pictures. Go put the camera down and just take it in. Go sit in cafes and ponder a city. Go get a tattoo *hehehe*. Go meet people that will change your life. Go immerse yourself in nature. Go learn a language that you never know before. Go challenge yourself and do something you never would think of. Go listen to stories. Go to museums. Go read everything. Go take a gamble on hostels and random floors. Go keep a journal and write everything. Go without a guidebook. Go make your own plan. Go educate yourself. Go take it all in. Go and fall in love. Fall in love with cities, with states, with countries and with people. The world is yours. All you have to do just GO. And remember, home will always be waiting. May you find nothing but happiness and adventure. Think of time when wearing jeans, short pants, t-shirt, sandals and passport is part of my life, miss backpacking.


I believe the best romantic relationships are the ones built on the foundation of friendship & your romantic feelings for the other person sneak up on you, taking you by surprise.When I met my first love, over a years ago, I wasn't looking for a relationship & dating was the last thing on my mind. We started off as friends & the more time we spent time together, the more I started to develop feelings for him. After confessing how I felt & hearing the same feelings were reciprocated, we became exclusive & dated. This was my first serious adult relationship & I never felt so deeply connected to anyone in my life. Even though, we shared similar values & wanted similar things out of life, the timing wasn't right, we both needed to focus on ourselves & plan our futures without worrying about how it would affect someone else. This was someone I discussed at great length, the future we wanted to build & how we planned to spend our time together.

Words cannot express how much you mean to me. Because you saved my life. You love me, even when no one else does. I love the way that you smell like your house, because your basement is like home. I love our conversations, and your laugh. It makes me smile silly. I love the way you never gave up on me. I love your confidence and your hair-smile. I love that red shirt and how you look like mmmm like prince William *tsah*. I love the way you kiss my forehead and the way you squint your eyes when you think. I love how you challenge me to think harder. I love the way you play piano or guitar someday drum, and sing out so beautiful. I love our park, our puzzle and our little jokes. And I love you. Because you are so brilliant and wonderful. You make this world a complex, beautiful place to live. You are not a quitter. You make me happy. Please know that you mean the world to so many people, and that I appreciate all the little things that you do. Continue to be radiant and dream. I believe in you. Give me another years ahead then we'll being together forever for saying I DO in the right time *promise*.

28 October 2013


Flaunt our failures like a champ. Fail as many times as we can. Everyone fails. It’s part of life. Too many people take failure as a sign it's time for them to give up. Those people don’t get very far. What sets successful people apart is the ability to get up and give it another go with a better plan for how to be successful the next time around. If we want to embrace the habits of successful people, we’ve got to make the change within our self first. Don't be afraid being failure, there's always be a 'good sight' after that.

Photo taken from: http://www.pbase.com/merriwolf/best_shots&page=all

27 October 2013


Il y a très longtemps, dans une ville, vivait un pauvre garçon qui était orphelin. Il habitait avec son oncle et sa tante. Son oncle était très gentil, mais sa tante était une méchante sorcière, et le maltraitait. Un jour, l’oncle et la tante eurent un garçon, qu'ils appelèrent Omar. Les deux enfants grandirent ensemble. Omar détestait son cousin, qui l’empêchait toujours de jouer avec lui. La fête de Achoura arriva. Omar eut plein de cadeaux, mais son cousin n’eut rien, et cela le chagrina beaucoup. Quand les invités arrivèrent, l’oncle demanda à son neveu de rester à la salle de bain sans faire de bruit. Le pauvre resta dans les toilettes, affamé toute la journée. Il demanda à son oncle un peu d’argent pour acheter quelque chose, mais celui-ci refusa. Quand le petit voulut sortir de la maison pour faire un tour, il trouva une pièce de deux dirhams. Alors, il alla à la boulangerie pour acheter du pain. Lorsqu’il rentra, son oncle l’aperçut et il lui dit qu’il lui avait volé son argent, et l’a chassa de la maison. Notre héros devint un clochard et comme, il était petit, il ne pouvait pas se défendre quand les grands le maltraitaient. Ils lui volaient son argent et sa nourriture. Un jour, un grand clochard, se battit contre lui car il ne voulait pas lui donner son argent. Le pauvre garçon avait des blessures sur tout le corps. Quelques jours plus tard, un homme l’aperçut dans cet état, l’emmena chez lui, et sa femme le soigna. Finalement, le garçon vécut avec eux une heureuse vie.

There is a very long time, in a town, lived a poor boy who was orphaned. He lived with his uncle and aunt. His uncle was very nice, but his aunt was a wicked witch, and abused it. One day, the uncle and aunt had a boy, which they called Omar. The two children grew up together. Omar hated his cousin who always prevented him from playing with him. The feast of Ashura arrived. Omar was full of gifts, but his cousin was nothing, and this lot being. When the guests arrived, the uncle asked his nephew to stay the bathroom without making noise. The poor remained in the toilet, hungry all day. He asked his uncle a little money to buy something, but he refused. When the small wanted out of the House for a ride, he found a piece of two dirhams. Then, he went to the bakery to buy bread. When he returned, his uncle saw him and he told him that he had stolen his money, and it was drove out of the House. Our hero became a tramp and since he was small, he could not defend himself when the large abusive. They flew him his money and his food. A day, a big bum, fought against him because he did not want to give him his money. The poor boy had injuries all over the body. A few days later, a man saw it in that State, took her home, and his wife cared. Finally, the boy lived with them a happy life.

There is a time when sorrow won't living forever. Happiness always be an opposite stand alone, waiting a right time to getting closer & closer to us. Then don't give up whatever your situation is. It's just temporary. It has a limited of time. Happy sunday everyone. Enjoy this beautiful sunday.

26 October 2013


Who are the most universally admired people in our culture? Aren't they those who have a solid grasp of their own values, people who not only profess their standards, but live by them? We all respect men and women who take a stand for what they believe, even if we don't agree with their ideas about what's right or wrong, what make sense or nonsense, what could applying on the spot or take times. There is undeniable strength in individuals who congruently lead lives in which their philosophies and actions are one. Just appreciate people who put their heart and effort to the max capacity. Successful isn't given freely. We are not owed anything. Put in the blood, sweet and tears then we will have a change to taste success. Enlarge our capacity into the max. Keep our eyes beyond the finish line.                 

Ketika kita 'dipaksa' memahami & menerima semua teori bukannya action. Ketika kita diperhadapkan pada kondisi yang bersilangan dengan semua rencana yang ingin diwujudkan. Ketika kita berhadapan dengan A-Z yang notabene adalah buku yang berbicara. Ketika setiap pengalaman dijadikan tolak ukur kesuksesan & keberhasilan. Well, buat saya sih sederhana saja miliki keyakinan, kerja keras, kemampuan melihat dari sisi yang berseberangan dengan apa yang dianggap normal. Justru mampu meruntuhkan tembok tertinggi sekalipun yang menghadang di antara perjalanan itu.

Sleep well everyone....

23 October 2013


Running a restaurant is not as fun as it sounds & looks. It is hard work and long hours with a huge amount of pressure and stress. There is no time for a social life, i beg your pardon, yes there is no time for a social life people. And many times spent fighting with staffs that don't arrive on shift or time, example. Equipment always pranggggg most of the time, breaks down. The other day there are always angry customers, there are so many many customers really wanna be a king and 'Mr/Mrs always right'. Other days then people sending food back because of these thing or those thing. Staff that don't pay attention and lots of wastages. And this is the circumstances that we have to facing every single day, yes sure every single day. It is very important to know what we are doing and as the owner or person in charge, WE MUST ALWAYS BE THERE, AROUND OUR RESTAURANT!

To running a restaurant, we have got to have passion for this industry and know that for it to work, we have got to put in the hours. This is a guide to making our restaurant successful, to ensure that we can eliminate stress and it will help us to understand this restaurant business so that we can eventually sit back and watch business grow. 

The other way, marketing is important to promote our business and we should know when our busy times are and when we need to promote our restaurant. We do not have to hire marketing people in order to this because all it takes is an attractive special to bring people are getting bored. These are things that we have to be aware of in order to market our business. Stay on top of things, keep focused on what is selling and what doesn't, who works well for us, get constant feedback from our customers and ensure that all of our staffs have our bottom line of heart.

You know guys, every single action we do even thought a simple step would be have an great impact neither for a good sake or a bad one. I've been learn these months, here we go, "Having a passion first before we doing this business will save you more, then it's will be driven us to the right way". Try it and your eyes will be open. Have a very good night everyone, sleep well :)....

14 October 2013


Everybody seems want to set up a restaurant these days. The dream? A cozy little place filled with adoring customers, a team of passionate staff and a full cash register. Sound familiar, isn't it? Then it's time for a reality check and show. Then i found, two thirds of restaurants don't survive past their first birthday.

There are long hours, grumpy customers, financial demands and all sorts of other issues. Still want to do it? Then i've got some tips, here we go:

Don't be arrogant. A lot of people open restaurants out of vanity, people who can't even boil an egg. That's like me buying a rugby club because i like the game. One of my biggest bugbears is that we don't need any qualifications to do it. People fall in love with an idea and don't want to learn their craft, which takes years, either time and commitment. Sure you're still up for it? Oke then we go to the next step hehehe.

Have we done our homework? The secret of a good local restaurant is knowing our customers and catering them. Do we research? Does the area need an expensive fine dining restaurant, or would it be more comfortable with a homely baked food place? Make sure we know the area, check out the competition and work out what their strengths and weaknesses are. What will make our stand out from the rest?

Choose the right chef. This is not an easy job, buddy. But a restaurant owner's best investment will always be in the chef, and if we haven't got that major asset in the kitchen downstairs, then forget it.  The guy's got to be a motivator, be a leader, make our money. The chef got to bring customers back. Make sure our chef is up to the job. Are they a cocky young upstart who doesn't know if they're cooking chicken or beef, or a well-seasoned chef with vision and drive?

Who's in charge? You've got to trust the brigade that you're paying, and secondly bring them on, evolve them. Make them talented. Keeping hold of them, motivating them. If we are the owner then the responsibility ultimately lies with us. We need to know what's happening in every area of our business from the kitchen to front of house. Don't be a control freak though, all staff's opinions are valid too.

Communication and teamwork. Key to any successful restaurant is regular communication between management and the head chef. But it doesn't stop there, all the staffs have to be communicating well with each other and working as a team. Let's not forget the customers either, make sure we are listening to them too. At the end of the day they're paying your wages.

The menu. The more dishes, the lower the standard. Long menus lead to confusion for everyone. They can have chefs running round like headless chickens. Customers waiting or walking out, and all sorts of undesirable items going off at the back of the fridge. Start with a simple menu concentrating on quality produce cooked well and you're on to a winner. Our chefs will be more efficient, the diners will be happy and there shouldn't be much wastage.

Quality control. Mistakes stay in kitchen, mostly man. Ensuring quality and consistency in the kitchen is essential for a successful restaurant. Even if service is busy, it's not an excuse for sloppy plates of food leaving the kitchen. If it's not good enough, don't serve, it could ruin our reputation.

Keep it clean and organised. The important rule of cooking is our kitchen must be clean, sure and by clean i mean spotless. There's nothing worse than an unhygienic restaurant, and our customers won't like it much either if they end up with food poisoning. Make sure all of our staffs have the right hygiene certificates and set up a decent cleaning rota. Get to know our local environmental health officer - they'd rather help you than close you down. These point i got from Dinas Kesehatan hehehehe.

Be flexible. In the business we have to very aware that we have to react instantly to changing trading conditions: cutting down on overheads, reducing costs, tapering menus, we have to react straightaway, not wait. In today's climate we're producing figures weekly, not monthly, we have to be on top of what's happening. If something isn't working, swallow our pride and change it. flexibility is fundamental to any successful business, so try not to be too pig-headed. It might be our baby, butttttt that doesn't mean the customers will love it as much as we do.

Don't give up. One thing i need to see is the fight. The determination and the grit. When things get tough, it's hard to keep sight of our original dream. But if we work as a team, serve food we believe in and don't delude our self about how things really are, we're in for a better chance. 

I believe always, if there is a will always be a way. These all i got from learning by doing. But most of all thank you so much for someone who always teaching me how to run this business well. From the deepest of my heart thank you so much Mr. B. I dedicated this entry to you.


Salut, Ça va. Je veux être l'air que tu respires, je veux être le ciel que tu contemples, je veux être les lèvres que tu embrasses, et par dessus tout, je veux être la raison qui fait battre ton cœur. Tu es le soleil qui illumine ma vie. Au matin, me lever sans toi c'est se lever dans un monde où il fait toujours nuit. Tu es mon bonheur. Quelle chance, j'ai découvert un vrai trésor. Quelle chance, j'ai découvert un vrai trésor... Bonne nuit

Well, ketika rindu melanda segala kemelankolisan berlomba-lomba menampakkan wujud. Jedingggggg, bahkan bahasa yang baru saya pelajaripun seakan-akan menjadi sah untuk digunakan tanpa tata bahasa yang pas. Ya sudahlah mari kita nikmati malam ini dengan kemelankolisan. Selamat malam. Selamat beristirahat :)

09 October 2013


Sepasang suami istri masuk ke outlet dengan penuh kemesraan. Tidak bergandengan tangan sih. Namun kemesraan itu terpancar begitu saja dari pasangan ini. Ada aura kebahagiaan yang jelas terlihat dari raut wajah dan rona pipi si wanita. Dan well, ternyata adalah istrinya. Apa coba namanya jika pipi sudah merona merah dan segar begitu. Bahagia bukan sebutannya. Pasti, kebahagiaan itu mudah sekali termanifestasi mulai dari bahasa tubuh sampai dengan gestur. Berjalan memasuki outlet dengan senyuman yang terus mengembang dibibir sang istri. Sementara sang suami merasa sangat bangga berjalan disamping wanita pujaannya. Kebanggan seperti ini menjadi pemandangan yang langka bukan? Ditengah gonjang-ganjing dan trend cerai. Pasangan ini seperti hendak menentang arus trend yang ada. Senang sekali melihat kebahagiaan kecil di depan mata. Saya benar-benar menikmati kejadian yang belum tentu bisa saya temui setiap hari ini.

Ada bungkusan yang dititipkan sang suami ke outlet kami. Setelah saya buka ternyata kue sangat cantik bergambar Eiffel Tower, cantik sekali dannnnn sempurna dimata saya. Kue yang didominasi oleh warna hijau dan pink dipadukan dengan ornamen yang lucu, membuat suasana bahagia terasa dua kali lipat. Pasangan ini merayakan ulang tahun yang ke 4 pernikahan mereka. Sungguh luar biasa, 4 tahun melewati hari-hari bersama. 4 tahun berbagi suka dan duka berdua. Dan 4 tahun ini ternyata masih diwarnai kebahagiaan.

Buat saya bahagia itu sederhana sekali, ketika kita bisa menyempurnakan dan melengkapi hidup satu sama lain. Sehingga hal-hal lainnya terlihat begitu sangat tidak penting selain kebahagiaan pasangan kita. Bahagia itu adalah ketika hal remeh-temeh seperti merayakan ulang tahun pernikahan justru mendapat perhatian lebih. Bahagia itu ketika ulang tahun pernikahan bisa dinikmati dari tahun ke tahun hanya berdua dengannya. Terima kasih hari ini saya belajar satu bentuk kebahagiaan lagi.

29 September 2013


I'm sitting on the first floor outlet this afternoon. Seeing around, looking for something i can do more and more. Then suddenly a thought coming up *tsah*.... Here we go :)

Did you ever hear the phrase “A stitch in time saves time”? This is so true in the food services industry. Managing a restaurant can be a very fast paced, stressful job. There are many systems that you must train and oversee and your day is based on customer flow. So it is difficult to schedule your time effectively so accomplish tasks. Even managers with the best time planning skills can find themselves working long hours, running out of time and lamenting over unfinished to-do lists on a daily basis.

And then we have to facing several things that we never expected before. This is how I've been learning these couple months.... Do you walk out of the restaurant at night feeling guilty that you did not get everything accomplished that you planned to? Or do you carry briefcase stuffed with paperwork that you plan to do when you get home? And then take it back to work the next day planning to get it done there? Or are you so tired most days that you don't even have the energy to try to get everything accomplished? Or do you ever forget to do things your boss has asked you to do?

Isn't all conditions above sound familiar for most of us. Yeah we all do,  cause we work in food services. Then i realize a thing that i’m overcoming these couple weeks. Well, to be successful, even to just maintain our sanity, we have develop routines on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to get everything accomplished. The first thing i usually do is ask myself to create a monthly planner. I take out a calender and start plugging in everything i do in a month only to run out of hours and days to get these tasks accomplished  So the first epiphany we come to is that the manager CAN’T do everything themselves. He/She just a human being. He/she have a limit. Then i find things sometime we as a manager get wrong:

The manager can control the restaurant better if they just do everything themselves.
Don’t get me wrong, you will always be responsible for every task in your restaurant and will certainly be held accountable for the results but training your team to do the actual tasks and then giving the final approval will save your time. You need to review every report and create action plans to improve the reports but someone else can gather and organize the reports.

The assistants won’t do it as good as i do.
No, they won’t, not at first but as a manager, your job is to develop your team. Train them to do a task expecting that the first few times it will not be perfect and you will need to coach them. Coaching them to do the plans to improve the reports but someone else can gather and organize the reports.

I don’t have a time to teach them.
Who will do it when you are on vacation? Who will do all the works for your day off. Everyday you are in the outlet to teach your assistant how to run every aspect of the business so when you do take a day off, they can handle everything without calling you.

Teaching them means that i am less valuable.
Whose says, it’s totally wrong. Developing your team will not only make your life much easier, it will also show that you are a strong manager with the skills to be counted.

As for me, a successful manager is the one who turn a chaos into order. Have a very good weekend everyone. 

25 September 2013


Ahhhh mantap pasangan serasi malam ini adalah iPad yang bersanding dengan kopi susu. Sempurna. Menulis ditemani si cokelat ini memang luar biasa. Mari kita mulai.

Didepan saya saat ini ada satu pemandangan yang sangat menyenangkan. Ayah, ibu dan anak ABG mereka yang sedang menikmati waktu makan malam sambil ngobrol santai. Terlihat sekali keberhasilan si ayah yang membangun hubungan yang cukup baik dengan keluarganya. Sang anak terlihat sangat nyaman, begitu banyak cerita meluncur dari bibirnya. Sementara si ibu mendengarkan ocehan sang anak dengan tersenyum dan sesekali menimpali memberikan respon. Pemandangan yang luar biasa. 

Kebahagiaan itu sederhana sekali. Saat kita bisa menikmati waktu yang berkualitas dengan keluarga, saat kita bisa ngobrol santai dan membangun komunikasi terbuka tanpa sekat dengan anak-anak, saat kita bisa membangun atmosfir yang nyaman sehingga anak-anak merasa nyaman untuk berbagi cerita dengan orangtuanya. Saat sang istri mendapatkan perhatian lebih dari suaminya dengan hal-hal sederhana seperti mengelap makanan yang tertinggal di sudut mulutnya. Saat sang istri memandang penuh kagum ke mata suaminya ketika si suami sedang meresponi cerita si anak. Well, ini saya sebut dengan bahagia. 

Bahagia tidak melulu masalah uang. Bahagia tidak selalu masalah harta. Bahagia itu tidak harus sesuatu yang mewah. Bahagia itu adalah ketika kita bisa menjadikan keluarga kita sebagai fokus utama dari perjalanan kebahagiaan itu sendiri. Hari ini ketika saya duduk di lantai satu outlet. Saya menemukan bentuk lain dari kebahagiaan. Terima kasih semesta, pembelajaraan hari ini menjadi pengalaman sangat berharga.

24 September 2013


What will happen when we're in our negative thought? You know exactly the answer right. Then why are you still round and round on it. Buddy, if you can create tornado from thinking negative, why don't you turn the negative be a positive one. You, yes you, yeah you.... if you're always blame people of what was wrong in your life, you're the one who never learn from anything. Make mistakes is normal as long as you know how to turn it into right. Sometimes, the right coming after we falling down into tons of mistakes. We only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.

As for me, life isn't meant to be easy, it's meant to be lived. Sometimes happy, other days rough. I believe a thing that with every up and down we could learn 'something' special, something that we can archive ourself better, something that we can see ourself on the right sight, something that we can accepted ourself different and we learn a lesson that make us strong. 

22 September 2013


Sore ini menikmati secangkir kopi hitam dikombinasikan dengan lemon squash & ditemani sebungkus emping sambil menikmati sebentuk anak anjing diawan yang sedang menengadah ke langit, what a wonderful twilight. Bahagia itu seringkali bisa didapatkan dari kesederhanaan seperti saat ini. Saat saya menikmati pergantian sore dengan duduk-duduk dilantai 1 outlet. Sempurna sekali. Ditengah seabrek aktivitas harian, hari ini saya sengaja melepaskan semua embel-embel pekerjaan demi istirahat sejenak. Tidur lebih lama, istirahat lebih banyak dan makan lebih sehat.

Hal sederhana yang justru hilang empat bulan belakangan ini. Tanpa disadari ketika hari ini bisa menikmatinya lagi, justru menjadi moment berharga untuk dilewatkan begitu saja. Terima kasih Tuhan, terima kasih semesta, moment sore ini semoga menjadi titik balik untuk hari-hari kedepan.


Ini tidak semudah membalikkan telapak tangan, saya tahu itu. Namun ini juga tidak sesulit menemukan jarum dalam tumpukan jerami. Buat saya sederhana saja, hidup yang kita jalani saat ini, pekerjaan yang kita miliki hari ini dan keputusan-keputusan yang sudah kita pilih. Semuanya itu akan bermuara pada konsekuensi. Hidup adalah perjuangan, itu betul. Tapi hidup juga merupakan anugerah terindah dari surga. Mengisinya dengan selalu bersyukur akan lebih baik bukan daripada setiap hari mengeluh. Hidup akan terus bergerak walaupun qta memutuskan untuk berhenti. Hidup akan terus berlanjut walaupun kita memutuskan untuk diam. Hidup akan selalu memberikan warna baru tanpa peduli kita siap atau tidak. Bersyukurlah jika sampai saat ini hidup masih memberikan banyak pembelajaran buat kita.

Tidak mudah memang namun bukan berarti tidak bisa. Selama ada kemauan, selama selalu berusaha, selama masih punya keyakinan, selama masih mampu menghasilkan ide-ide kreatif, semuanya pasti akan lebih baik. Suatu hari nanti ketika perjalanan ini sudah lebih jauh dari garis awal kita memulainya, ketika kita menoleh sejenak ke belakang, kita akan menemukan pemandangan terindah dari sebuah perjuangan, menemukan arti sesungguhnya dari sebuah kesuksesan dan menikmati bentuk lain dari sebuah keberhasilan. Semangat!!!

09 September 2013


Mencintai itu sebuah perjalanan. Ada pengertian didalamnya yang perlu dibina. Ada kesepakatan-kesepakatan yang perlu dibuat. Ada toleransi yang perlu dibangun. Ada kepercayaan yang harus dijaga. Ada komitmen yang harus diperjuangkan. Ada sikap yang perlu mengalami perubahan dari hari ke hari. Ada proses yang harus dijalani. Ketika saya mencintai kamu, saya tahu bahwa saya akan bahagia bersamamu. Hal lainnya mari kita anggap sebagai bagian dari perjalanan yang akan membuat hubungan kita jadi lebih berkualitas. Terima kasih untuk segalanya. Kamu tetap yang terbaik. 

13 May 2013


Walpap (268)
Setelah ngubek-ngubek file lama taraaaa ketemu juga satu tulisan yang well, cukup menarik hati. Ahyaaa menarik hati, berasa dapat kalimat jadul. Udah berapa lama ya saya gak menggunakan istilah ini.

Akhirnya bisa menikmati hidup lagi setelah hampir 11 bulan ini dunia saya serasa roller coaster. Naik turun berdasarkan mood. Banyak tekanan yang akhirnya sukses bermunculan dalam waktu 11 bulan saja. Mulai dari masalah yang harus bisa ditoleransi sampai hal-hal sepele yang bikin kemarahan saya akhirnya naik sampai keubun-ubun. Gak tahu ya tapi saya hanya punya pendapat sendiri bahwa hidup itu tidak bisa diatur oleh orang lain apalagi jika kita tidak pernah memberikan akses bebas pada orang lain meskipun hanya sekedar untuk ‘menatanya'. Heran ada begitu banyak orang yang tiba-tiba merasa penting untuk mengatur hidup orang lain tanpa diminta. Merasa diri paling tahu apa yang seharusnya dilakukan lebih dari pada diri kita sendiri. Amaze aja ada orang-orang yang menjadikan kepala dan usaha orang lain sebagai batu pijakan untuk memanjakan ambisinya.

Bodoh bukan ketika kita membiarkan diri kita mengikuti aturan orang lain yang datang tanpa permisi dan langsung menjadi tuan tanah yang merintah-merintah seenak jidatnya. Semua orang, semua manusia punya kehendak bebas untuk menentukan apa yang ingin dikerjakan dengan kualitas yang pasti beda dengan orang lain. Belum tentu juga orang yang selalu berteriak dan membawa-bawa "baliho" 'i've been there for a long time' bisa bilang 'don't do that, i’ve tried so much times in this way and failed'. Well, let we look into this. Sejak kapan pengalaman pribadi orang yang belum kita kenal betul tiba-tiba bisa jadi pengalaman kita juga. Sejak kapan ada kejadian buruk akan terulang kembali jika kita melakukan hal yang sama, jika kita tidak belajar dari pengalamannya. Stupid, isn’t it? Saya menghargai bahkan sangat, orang-orang yang menjadikan hidupnya sebagai contoh nyata suatu perubahan atau kesuksesan. Lengkap dengan semua kegagalan yang mereka alami diwaktu lampau. Dengan catatan saya memberikannya akses untuk mereka menjadi 'mentor, guru atau yang lebih dekat dari itu. Namun akan terasa aneh jika tiba-tiba orang lain dengan percaya diri super poll masuk dalam hidup kita dan mulai mengatur bagaikan seorang majikan.

Saya jadi ingat. Seseorang pernah bercerita pada saya bahwa dia tidak akan pernah mau makan ikan lagi seumur hidup. Alasannya cukup sederhana: karena tuh orang pernah ketulangan dan sekarat waktu makan ikan dulu, kejadian itu sudah lama banget menurutnya. Sukses masuk rumah sakit dan dirawat beberapa hari disana. Lumayan berjuang lah antara hidup dan mati gara-gara tulang ikan itu nyangkut disaluran pernafasannya. Apakah itu berarti saya juga akan ketulangan jika malam ini makan ikan sementara dia lebih memilih daging ayam? Apakah itu berarti saya akan sekarat dan masuk rumah sakit karenanya? Kerdil bukan pemikiran seperti itu? Buat saya simple saja, saya tidak akan ketulangan, titik. Saya tidak akan sekarat, titik. Dan saya tidak akan masuk rumah sakit dan dirawat, titik. Why? Of course because i'm not him. I'm i and he is he. We’re different. Saya bisa menikmati makan ikan sekalipun tulangnya banyak. Saya bisa saja justru ketulangan makan daging ayam yang well sedikit lebih ramah tulang. So, tidak semua pengalaman buruk orang lain akan menjadi pengalaman buruk saya bukan.

Itulah dia selama 11 bulan ini. Coba mengatur hidup saya dengan segala macam permainan didalamnya dengan dalih "Saya tidak ingin kamu melakukan kesalahan yang sama dengan saya". Bahkan ketika saya sudah berada jauh darinya pun tetap saja intimidasti itu datang lewat handphone. Manusia tidak pernah puas itu, tetap saja ingin mempermainkan saya. Membuat saya merasa salah meninggalkan 'kehidupan' yang menurutnya nyaman. Buat dia, gak banget buat saya. Serasa hidup dipenjara iyaaaa. Bebas, itu yang saya rasakan. Saat ini hidup saya lebih tenang dari sebelumnya. Saya bisa mengeksplore apa yang saya mau. Bisa mengatur waktu untuk sesuatu yang lebih saya sukai. Dan yang lebih penting bisa menjadi diri sendiri. Biasanya jam segini, disana, saya sedang stress berat dengan semua tekanan yang dia berikan. Secara sengaja, mengada-adakan sesuatu yang sebenarnya gak penting. Tapi harus diselesaikan sekarang juga. Seakan-akan besok dunia bakal lenyap jika saya tidak menyelesaikan pekerjaan itu sekarang juga.

Saya memutuskan berhenti akhirnya dari ‘neraka’ itu. Saya salah. Benar saya salah mengambil keputusan waktu bergabung dengan mereka. Tidak punya sistem yang jelas, satu orang mengerjakan banyak pekerjaan sekaligus. Ambil saja hati si boss dan kamu akan dapatkan semua kemudahan dan kenyamanan berdekatan dengannya. Injak saja kepala dan harga diri orang lain dan kamu akan lihat promosi itu akan begitu cepat menghampirimu. Dan kemudian kamu berteriak dengan bangganya bahwa kamulah yang paling hebat disini sebab kepercayaan itu ada pada pundakmu. Namun sayang saya masih punya hati nurani. Dan saya bersyukur untuk itu. Hati nurani inilah yang terus menjagai keputusan-keputusan yang saya ambil. Hati nurani ini juga yang menjagai saya untuk tetap melihat orang lain sebagai manusia bukan mesin dan patung. Saya tidak bisa menghalalkan segala cara untuk mendapatkan apresiasi. Saya bahkan rela mengakui kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh bawahan saya ketika semua orang hanya saling menunjuk jari mencari-cari kesalahan orang lain. Yap betul saya tidak cocok dengan tempat itu.

Senin sampai sabtu saya menghabiskan 10 sampai 11 jam disana. Terkurung dalam ruangan ac bertembok tebal dan arogan. Dan minggu masih harus ditambah dengan gotong royong dan meeting yang akhirnya membuat saya merelakan waktu ke gereja dan kebersamaan dengan keluarga. Kemudian jika saya sakit karena kecapekan dan butuh waktu istirahat -bukan dokter-, saya masih harus menghadapi pemotongan gaji karena ketidakhadiran itu. Sabar, sabar *sambil mengurut dada*, hanya itu yang bisa saya lakukan. Protes aja. Sudah saya coba. Bahkan sering tapi tetap tidak ada perubahan. Capek sendiri akhirnya dan memilih diam. Saya bukan tukang gosip. Saya tidak suka menceritakan kejelekan dengan teman lainnya. Makanya saya memilih well, jalani saja sampai batas maksimal dan i'm felling so fed up, maka saya dengan sangat senang hati melepaskan semua itu. Selesai persoalan. Dan itulah yang saya lakukan saat ini. Saya melepaskan semuanya. Apa setelah melepaskan semuanya hidup jadi lebih baik? Pasti! Sekalipun entah sudah yang keberapa kalinya hari ini handphone saya berdering tetap saya diamkan.

Kamu yang memulai semua ini silahkan bereskan sendiri. Kekacauan yang terjadi saat ini bukan saya yang memulainya tapi kamu. Saya sudah membereskan semua kekacauan yang kamu buat sebelum saya melangkahkan kaki keluar dari tempat ini. Sekarang silahkan hadapi masalah ini sendiri. Selama ini kamu selalu berdiri dibelakang saya ketika saya menyelesaikan kekacauan yang kamu ciptakan. Namun sekarang grow up man. Hadapai secara laki-laki. Kamu laki-laki bukan? Tidak pantas rasanya selalu bersembunyi di belakang punggung saya. Akhirnya saya merasa tenang sekarang dan kamu….kebakaran jenggot. Selamat menikmati haha.

Tulisan ini saya dedikasikan untuk semua orang yang telah berani mengambil keputusan paling sulit dalam hidupnya. Congratulation !!!!