05 October 2014


The single word that most people have it backwards. Some people around feel like.

is something that we will be able to have or experience someday, once we've archived something,
gotten somewhere
met someone
brought about some circumstance
Achieved something 
fallen in love
Some become a beggar of sorts. Not in the material senses, but in the sense of happiness & quality of life. Sometimes chase scraps of pleasure to try and mask the unease they feel at almost every moment, ranging from mild discomfort to intense suffering. Friend, the reality is that happiness isn't meant to be something you get to experience one day at least for me, like we've unlocked it through meeting a set of criteria & now we're allowed to have it.

 is nature's way of telling "Me", I am on the right track right now.

Let's we deal about this "Happiness
is our mind
our body
our soul's way of letting us know that we are in line
with what is truly best for us
in the deepest senses,
then by extension,
best for everyone else.
When we take action that feels good,
happy and enjoyable to us,
we will naturally bring about more happiness.
The most important thing that happiness is always all about Me.
 Picture taken from: http://brucerosenstein.com/tag/happiness/