22 April 2015


As a human we're judging others easily without knowing the whole story.

As a human we're thinking we know better than others. We advises more, teaches more, talks more, in the name of "for your good sake". But, we forget to looked our way, our life and ourself back. Who are we made our life as an example to others without any kind of relationship or status? Freak enough judged people by their social media status or by their opinion.

As a human we think we can do everything. That's good, we should being an optimistic person. But sometimes optimistic and over self confidence is close enough, too close, no barrier at all. When we fingering someone we put one finger in their face, and we never realized that the rest of our fingers always staying in one point.... to fingering ourself. Think wisely before do anything, would be easy, rather than felling sorry for a whole life.