15 September 2016


There is a time when you do something good but people can't appreciate that. You're trying to explain many things, many times, put many words but they won't listen at all. They more believe what conclusion created by circumstances. Sometimes we do something right but still wrong. You do the best but people still get some of judgmental, position theirself to be a judges on other's life.

Pointing fingers to hell off other's life is very easy, that would be a human being favorite action. But can we see & understand all reason behind their action instead of jumping into wrong judgemental. My father teach me to forgive nomatter how bad people treated me. Nomatter how much pain they were caused. Nomatter how hurt I am.

I don't know how to hate people. The one that I know for sure, I always have a heart to forgive.

Life now is a stage when a lot people involved with their own needs. Life now is a place to put other's life down & bad. When we are in the very bad situation don't think that your friend would help you. Your very close friend, even someone you trust will backsliding you. But don't judge the book by its cover. They do that for their own's sake. No need to ask their action. Just understand them.

You know what, God has an eyes. He looks around. He'll help those who needed the most.